Over 5 years, Azerbaijan will increase the production of pharmaceutical products by more than 58 times

The production of pharmaceutical products in Azerbaijan in the next five years will grow by 58.4 times, follows from the concept of socio-economic development for 2018 and the next three years, submitted for discussion in parliament.

According to the document, in 2017, the volume of pharmaceutical production will reach 1.5 million manat, and in 2018 – 1.9 million manat.

Currently, this sphere is almost not developed in Azerbaijan, most of the drugs and other pharmaceutical products are imported from abroad. A number of narrow-profile enterprises operate in the country, such as Azeriod, but the production of tablets, antibiotics and other drugs in Azerbaijan has not yet been established.

In order to remedy this situation, in September 2016, the creation of the Pirallahin Industrial Park began in the country. At present, the construction of the plant of the Azerbaijani company Diamed C and two pharmaceutical plants with foreign capital, the Azerbaijani-Russian and the Azerbaijani-Iranian plants, are underway in the industrial park. Recently, a similar agreement was signed with the Ukrainian company Indar.

At the same time, companies from Belarus, South Korea and Japan show interest in building pharmaceutical plants in Azerbaijan.

After the commissioning of these plants in Azerbaijan, a significant increase in pharmaceutical production is expected. So, according to the concept, already in 2019, production in this area should reach 69.5 million manat, in 2020 – 77.6 million manat, and in 2021 – 87.6 million manat.